Cable Interface
Cable Output current
Car Mount Fixed Position
Car Mount Install Method
Charger Output Watts
Charger Type
Compatible Devices
Extendable length up to
Headphone Category
Headphone Types
Power Bank Capacity
Selfie Sticks Category
Storage Capacity
Charger Output Amper
Laptops Bag Size
Power Bank Output Amper
Bag Material
Glass Material
  • 0GEL
  • 950GEL
Screen Cover Design
Bluetooth Speaker Types
Rated power RMS
Bag Type
Battery Type

Established in 2008 and headquartered in Shenzhen, an international and modernized city, REMAX’s office environment is strictly in conformity with 5A standard to ensure a neat and tidy working environment.

Moreover, covering an area of more than 1000 square meter, REMAX’ warehouse is closely connected with the local logistics, which can offer fast delivery service for customers.

REMAX is a sub-brand of Hong Kong Refine Industrial (Asia) Limited, full of passion, fashion, entertainment and enthusiasm.

Young people are addicted to REMAX products due to its unique design.

Nowadays, mobile phone is not just a simple tool for communication.

It has been a pearl by which people could enjoy their beloved music, movie, game, camera etc. Such powerful artifacts need some related accessory to decorate. Starting from cherishing life and catching up the fashion, REMAX has manufactured such fantastic accessories as leather case, power bank, headphone, charger, screen protector, Bluetooth, Headset, speaker etc. to meet your individual requirements.