Baseus Rapid Series Type-C Cable Indicator ligh

Price 15 GEL

Price in points: 15 points

Cable Feature

Cable Interface:
Type-C Cable
100 cm
Cable Output current:
2 Amper

Baseus Rapid Series Type-C Cable Indicator ligh

- Type-C

Perfectly fits for HUAWEI P10, Samsung S8 and other Type-C enabled devices
Reversible interface, plug and play, both sides can be inserted

- 2A Fast Charging
High-speed transmission, extreme charging speed, saving time and energy

- Efficient Transmission
In addition to charging, it can meet the need for connecting the computer to copy data at any time

- User-friendly Indicator Light
Convenient to use at night, and you will find the cable easily and quickly

- Aluminum Alloy
Made of aluminum alloy material, no rust, ensures the plug is long-lasting to use

- Nylon Braided Wire
Linen weaving process, meticulous stitching joint, close fitting, which makes it solid and durable

- Inside Tin Plated Copper Core
Strong charge and transfer performance, reducing the resistance of current, speeding up the charging